No, there are no rooms to book :)
So bring your tent, van, or sleep under the open sky (and pray that it will not rain). There will also be an indoor sleeping location if the weather gets really bad (but you will still need a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag) . Usually august is a hot and dry month in Austria (with occasional thunderstorms – so be prepared).
Toilets and showers will be provided. Bring your own toilet paper though :) +

The 5th edition of Mindburn – Austrian Burner Week (2 – 7 august) has a new location. We moved from Castle Kornberg to a crater (Steinberg/Thal near Graz, Austria).

Here are some infos about the new place: Through a narrow „canyon“ (20 m) you reach the crater. parking is outside of it. Those who prefer more quietness, can do „silent camping“ on a meadow (150 m from the crater). We also have a forest in which you can find the temple.
You can get electricity in the crater (maybe also at the „Silent Camping“ if someone has a long enough cable). Of course there are toiletts, Shower and washbasin. It is possible to tap water from a hose and get rid of grey water (200 m).
For cooking we have 3 electric plates (more, if some of you bring devices).

We plan to set up a big tent in the center. (If weather gets really bad, we also have a 120 qm big hall for protection (250 m away). People who do not have tents or vans could sleep there (bring your own air matress). Mindburn starts on tuesday, if you want to come earlier and help with the setup, please contact us beforehand. On Sunday evening we will have some sort of „Temple burn“for a contemplative finale. If you have any questions or have ideas, please let uns know.