Micro Art-Grants

Do you have an interesting art project for which you need some financial funding? The  Mindburn festival grants funding of 250 Euros at most for art projects. Everybody can apply for such funding, independent of nationality and personal background in terms of art. The only requirement is that artists of funded arts projects must be present at the festival for at least three days. Art projects that are interactive or that involve the festival participants are preferred. Show room of the art projects are the festival area outdoor or a big room in a building on the festival area.

Funding for art projects can be applied until 15 July 2016 via email. We expect that information on the artist and the planned project is provided. This includes (1) name of the artist, (2) postal and email address of the artist, (3) title of the art project, (4) description of the idea of the art project, and (5) description how the art project is installed and environmental conditions (influence of weather, power supply needed, light needed, etc.).

In a jury of at least three members of the Mindburn Organisers, the art projects are selected that get funding. The payment of the funding will be done immediately after the festival.

Email: alexander@mindburn.at