Mindburn is created by you and me and everyone, so we appreciate every help we can get.
We need help in setting the area up, taking it down, organizing the events, and much more.
Get involved, there are many voluntary positions open for every kind of skill.
At the moment we are looking for a technical lead and assistant, Build up and tear down lead and assistant, building helpers, food helpers (the builders also need to eat and drink).

In the moment we are looking for: Team Leader, Co-Leader and assistants for

Build up and tear down
Sound Team
Musik Team
Costume Camp
Event Board
Sanitary Team
Greeter Team
Decoration Team
First Aid Team
Sport Team
Acting Team
Film Team
Security Team
Ticket Check Team
…if you are interested in another topic,
found your own team!

Interested to get involved?

Thanks to all who have volunteered for jobs so far:

Domi: Environement Team + Proof Reading
Alexander: Art Team
Cuprum: Website
Senta: Funding support + Mentoring
Steffi: Notes + Design
Sham: British regional Contact
Oliver: German regional Contact
Willi: Transport
Trigit: A lot…
Clarissa: This and that
Ingrid: Notes

Marlies: Proof reading
Gilles Pugibet: Acting Team
Christoph: Building