What is Mindburn?

Mindburn is a colorful Festival filled of Art, Celebration, Music, Performances, Workshops, Games and Discussion.
Simply everything YOU can imagine, created by the participants and this is-

Have the time of your life through…

Participation: Mindburn is what we make it
Self-Expression: Shine as who you are
Self-Reliance: Create your own world
No Commerce: Don’t bring money – there is nothing to buy
Leave no Traces behind: From ashes to ashes – we only leave footprints

Never been to Mindburn? Read here what to expect.

Don’t expect anything, because everyone will experience Mindburn in a different way. To truly understand this event, one must participate. Many people have described events like this as the most eye opening experience of their life! It is not what your eyes tell your brain to see, but what your brain makes your eyes to see!

It is up to YOU to decide how you will contribute to this community – may it be through an art project, music performance, teaching others how to juggle, meditate or to offer drinks and food, or simply giving a warm smile to everyone around you. Find other ways to participate under Participation.