The experience at Mindburn is created by the participants, -that’s YOU.
You can participate as much or as little as you like. However, you will have the most fun,
if you contribute in some way. Only your imagination is the limit!

Please use this form to signup as a volunteer!    > Volunteer Form

You could….

• Bring and/or build an art project/sculpture
• Perform music
• Hold a workshop about a topic you are passionate about
• Initiate a game
• Be the DJ for an hour and play your favorite music
Find people to do a project with you
• Help to setup/clear up the site
• Provide first aid when needed
• Give a speech
• Teach something (juggling, hoola hoop, belly dance, …
also little things can be fun, like teaching how to do a handstand)
• Give psychological support
• Give a few hours to the community in helping out with:
Greeting and instructing new arrivals
Help with the sound system
Guard the area
Decorate the site
Help coordinating the events
Pick up trash
Smile and be friendly :)

• Build a theme camp with friends, which engage in something you are passionate about.
(Examples would be: meditation, playing music, theatrical performance, cooking, painting,
playing games, stand-up comedy, philosophy, dreaming, healing, photography, costumes,
beauty, special music style, nothing at all, art therapy, literature, writing, invention, film, massages, space, ….
• Build a structure that protects people from sunshine or rain
• Be the regional contact of your country and coordinating things

…and there are thousands of other ways. If you are passionate about something, do it, initiate it, build it!

This is not an event to expect, that everything is provided. If you feel something is missing, provide it. As already said: Mindburn is created by US – that is you and me and everyone (if something is not there, there is no one to blame for, sorry :) ) There is no „They should have done this or that“ attitude, it is a collective WE who are doing this! That is also what creates the magic of Mindburn!


Please use this form to signup as a volunteer!    > Volunteer Form