Mindburn 2017 will take place at a new spectacular location,in a crater on the Steinberg near Thal/Styria.

Adress: Anton-Afritsch-Weg 16 – 8052 Thal /Styria /Austria

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It is easily possible to reach Mindburn from Graz with public transportation.

Mindburn can be reached with public transportation.

You can take the train to Graz Hbf and then take the bus Nr 710 from there towards Steinhofen or Köflach (all 710 buses to Steinberg but have different last stops). Try to get out at Steinberg Kahr, that’s the closest, with a walk of about 400m. Some buses only got to Steinberg b.Graz Abzw. Rohrbach then you can take the next 710 in connection to the first or walk that additional station.

From Vienna, you can take the Flixbus for only 9 Euros to Graz Girardigasse (if you book soon enough). Then go by tramway (Nr. 7) to Graz Hbf (Railwaystation) and do the same as above then.

If you need a lift from the bus stop Steinberg to Mindburn contact us at mindburn@burners.at in advance to get a phone number to call, when you arrive. It is just a few minutes walk from there, but if you have heavy luggage you might appreciate the lift

I recommend for all buses to ask the Bus Driver to tell you, where the best place is to get off the bus to get to the “Felsenbühne” at  Steinberg/Rohrbach.





Shops / Supermarket arround the location

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