Remember that the program is made by YOU.
Many events will not be events to watch, but events in which you can participate!
Most things will happen spontaneously, but if you already have something in mind, let us know and we can add them to the event list. (Even if you don’t know yet exactly where and when you will do something, let us know, so we can add it to the list.) Thanks.

Submit your projects to
or surprise us at the festival.

Events, Workshops, Music, Games and more
by the participants at Mindburn 2016!
Opening ceremony on tuesday evening (Fun stuff, contribute whatever you want – from live music to games and gags. Sing a song, show a magic trick, play a game, perform a dance…)
Bring, show and discuss your artwork, painting…. (everyone)
Partnership bonding Workshop (Sunglasses)
Nude Drawing [Aktzeichnen] (Olivio)
Circus-Acrobalance Workshop for Beginners (Sebastian)
Freaky Souls (Liveband)
Mindburn Talks (Short talks about a topic you are interested in + discussion afterwards)
DJ your music (everyone)
Costume Camp – dress up! (Hella)
Sextoys for women – a beginners guide (Dominika)
Live Music (Olivio)
Astrology (Sunglasses)
Rundgangerl (Art Project, Gilbert)
Interactive Performance (Hyejin)
Body Shaking [Orgasm with the Divine] (Trigit)
Lets Fill the map (Artproject)
Reading (Senta)
Art Phones (Sebastian)
Advanced knowledge about sextoys for women and couples (Dominika)
Show your own short movies (did you ever play in, direct, write a short movie? Present and discuss it here)
Temple – if you need time for yourself, away from the crowd, this is the perfect place! (Joe)
Mindburn Song Workshop (all musicians welcome to join)
Lucid Dreaming (Karl)
Kundalini Yoga (Aimee)
Mindfulness Training (Bernadette)
Love booth (Art Project, Sunglasses)
The Bunta the Better (Bernadette)
Mind Machine (Trigit + Alexander)
Top rope climbing – bring your climbing shoes + harness, i’ ll provide the rest (Konrad)
Fire Tornado (Gogo)
Taste the flavour of different Moringa Drinks (Joe)
Story Portal (Game)
Virtual Reality – try the state of the art virtual reality [HTC Vive] (Karl)
Kamasutrakontest (Sebastian)
Helicopter Flying + Filming (Helmut)
Various Games (Michael)
Djembe’-Workshop (BAUSTELLE Percussions)
Jeux Dramatique (Michael)
Let sound flow – an interactive meditative experience (Trigit)
Good Morning Qi Gong (Trigit)
Screenplay Writing* (maybe*)
Everyone is invited to bring and read his favourite short story [self written or from someone else](Hella)
Zentangle (Hella)
Medicative Singing (Michael)
Photo Shooting (Olivo)
Collaborative designing and building of the MindMan (Rhino, Jakob)
Surprise project (GerLinda)
Flauschtent (Lena)
Dub’n'Kartoffelgulasch” – let’s cook „Kartoffelgulasch“ over fire and listen to Dub Music, then feed everyone (Peter G)
DJ Gogo
DJ Richard
DJ Reza
DJ Aimee
Acoustic Music Corner – bring your instruments and play (Michael)
Open Mic: Sing, Talk, Play, or simply shout into the mic, let s have fun! (Mic and guitar available)
Connect your mp3 player or USB stick to the sound system and play your favourite music…
Build together (Reini)
Security / First Aid Equipment / Environmental Awareness (Ray + Jacob)
Gear VR (Oliver Olivier)
Sound Bowl (Oliver Olivier)
Soap Bubble (Rhino)
Design Signs (Schuachi)
The Holy Screw (Trigit, Art Project)
The Burn of the MindMan /Saturday
Even more will happen spontaneously. Surprise us at the event!