Ticket sale 2017 will start in a few days. Please check back later!


Ticket sale of 2016

Choose the price for your Ticket yourself!

Decide yourself, how much you want to contribute to the community.You get the same on the festival, whether you buy category A, B, C or D Ticket. The only difference between the ticket categorys is the amount of money you donate to the community.

Buy a ticket with credit card here:

To order a ticket without a credit card, send a mail with the Ticket category (choose it yourself) and the number of tickets to

Category A Ticket: 15 Euro (Low Income Ticket, limited quantity)
Category B Ticket: 25 Euro (Early Bird, limited quantity)
Category C Ticket: 35 Euro (Art Supporter, limited quantity)
Category D Ticket: 45 Euro (Art Supporter, limited quantity)

Free Ticket: You can’t afford a ticket? Send a mail to and we will find a solution.

(Until sold out! Better get your ticket early on, to make sure to be able to participate! A lot of burner events completely sold out this year!)


More Info about Tickets:

We try to keep ticket prices very low. Still we are happy about financial support from you, which we will give back to the community through micro art grants to help you create art projects for the festival.

Please buy as soon as you can, so we can plan infrastructure better. Thank you!

Ticket prices are for the entire week. No matter if you come for 7 days or 2, the price stays the same. We all buy tickets, even the organisers.

Ticket sale only to people 18 or older. Children are only allowed with their parents.

After ordering a ticket through you will receive a mail with the procedure. You will get bank account information, to which you send the ticket fee and your name. When your money transfer shows on our bank account, you will get an e-mail confirmation from us. At the festival gate, you just need to show your identity, we will check that on our list. Any questions? Ask us at

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